OL : Quel est l’intérêt principal de la fixation d’objectifs pour une stratégie de prospection ?

Griezmann arrived at Barcelona for €120 million plus add-ons. In « The Decision, » Griezmann’s sister tells him that any successes he has at Atletico would be his; any he has at Barcelona would be Messi’s. He scored 15 and 20 goals — lower than in any of his seasons at Atletico, and while playing in a far more offensive team. There have been important goals too: he opened the scoring 19 times, and nine times his goals put Barcelona in the lead. The Barcelona president Joan Laporta said this week that Griezmann was « not the player we needed, » just at the point at which he might have been. Griezmann not unjustly told Jorge Valdano in one interview: « I have had three managers in a year-and-a-half here. » When he was asked if he might not play better on the right in one press conference, he replied: « that’s a good question. » At one international get-together, he noted: « Deschamps knows where to play me. » The « unlike Barcelona » part didn’t need saying. That’s how desperate it has become for Barcelona, even with Lionel Messi leaving. He knows how to win, he’s got great experience and he’s an unbelievable specimen by the way. More than that, beyond the goals, the stats, and the metrics by which to measure him there’s something less tangible, the inescapable feeling that he didn’t really fit.

That Griezmann was good, yeah, and there could be no faulting his attitude, maillot foot pas cher livraison rapide but he was not that good. A thoughtful, studious figure – he supposedly asked Zidane to call him back when gauging his interest in the Madrid move, as he was revising for his economics exams – Varane joined the Bernabeu club in late June, starting a 10-year association in which he was, largely, a fulcrum in one of the Spanish club’s most storied sides. He had joined them for a huge fee, and he’d done so instead of Neymar, the man Messi kept saying he wanted. Or they arrive at Old Trafford after Madrid decide they want to play with a shiny new trinket instead (Angel Di Maria, who left to make way for James Rodriguez and Toni Kroos). This is a player, it is sometimes forgotten, that came as one of the very best in the world, a man who that summer became a world champion. Griezmann came apologetically, aware that he had to make it up to them, but he didn’t entirely succeed in doing so.

Laporta also said « he could have given more. » That was opportunistic — self-justifying, too — but not entirely unjust. And now, with Messi going, perhaps he could become one, responsibility his; the reward, too. In the two years he was there, European elimination has come with an 8-2 defeat against Bayern and a 5-1 aggregate loss against PSG. He had lost a final and, he clearly feared, a one-off opportunity with Atletico; at Barcelona, he would get another chance. During his deliberations, when he was trying to decide whether to join Barcelona, his thought process broadcast on a documentary called « The Decision, » an obsession was revealed: to win the Champions League. His capture led to the club’s focus shifting towards signing a world class defender to partner Harry Maguire. Antoine was once suspended from the French national team because he was found in a nightclub in Paris when he was not supposed to go out.

The team he left behind are league champions and that Messi question has always been there, that sense of place, of fit. It’s not that bad, but it’s not that good. At least not an unqualified one. He’s not failed, exactly. L’exemple le plus connu est celui de septante (70) et nonante (90), qui se disent soixante-dix et quatre-vingt-dix en France. Côté palmarès, il a été champion d’Europe des moins de 19 ans (2005) et élu meilleur joueur de l’équipe de France en 2012. Hugo Lloris totalise aujourd’hui 524 matchs (240 en Ligue 1, 206 en Premier League). En effet, le champion du monde français serait emballé par l’idée de faire son retour dans l’Hexagone, et plus particulièrement pour rejoindre son ancien coach au PSG. Xavi préférerait le conserver, tout en étant conscient que le salaire de son protégé pose problème. Plus précisément, vous devez faire apparaître la question juridique qui se pose.