Les Outils que vous devez Obtenir en Griezmann

When Suarez left, for Atletico a year ago, Griezmann gained seniority, but never the same complicity with Messi that Suarez had enjoyed. Walking, he believed, dictates just the right pace, a pace that allows the traveler to become intimately involved with the country and, not incidentally, maillot foot 2023 pas cher to meet more of the local people along the way. It turned out that he was on his way around the world and had already been on the road for a year and a half. Besides GR paths, there are also PR paths, « Chemins de petite randonnée », marked trails that are most suited for local hiking, and not necessarily connected to any GR routes. Long-distance footpaths or hiking trails are known in France as « Sentiers de grandé randonnée »; as with main roads, there is a national network, and the 35,000 km of marked and signposted footpaths that make up the main network are designated by numbers, preceded by the letters GR. Well, it’s not quite that simple… The foot traveler is not an isolated spectator but a participant, sensually as well as intellectually involved in the events of the moment.

But even though these other reasons are compelling, the best reason to walk is still the fact that doing so makes the traveler slow down. The leisurely pace of a walk in France doesn’t permit the foot traveler to bounce frenetically like the traditional visitor from monument to monument, restaurant to restaurant and sight to site. Such an idea doesn’t fit our stereotype at all. But as unlikely as it may seem, France even more than England is a walker’s paradise: France, only three times England’s size, has more than eight times the mileage of public footpaths. All fine and good, but here you could be forgiven some confusion and a question: How is it possible to spend a vacation walking in France? There are some activities–trekking in Bhutan, scuba diving in the Solomon Islands, visiting Antarctica–that, if you are to do them at all, absolutely require that you use an adventure travel company, but setting off with a few friends or with your family to walk cross-country in France is not one of them. Though some might be embarrassed to acknowledge the fact, the most basic is that the very idea of walking cross-country from one town to the next and then on to another is romantic and enthralling.

And most important, I was exposing myself to the details–people, smells, sounds–of what lay between my destinations. After I remarked enviously what an interesting experience his trip must have been, he agreed that it had been that and more but then added that he had one regret, that he was not walking. That’s when I discovered that it was possible to walk, and when I did, I made sure to port over the proper attitude. Also, as France prospered over the years, traffic, even on the secondary roads, increased dramatically, and pedaling became more and more dangerous. By necessity I was paying even more attention to the details and I found the experience delightful. And by choosing your clothes and accessories carefully, you can reduce the weight of your pack to a very comfortable minimum yet still carry everything you’ll need for even weeks of independent travel. There’s no need to walk with a tour guide and a group of strangers; you can do it on your own with the people you choose. There are other reasons to walk in France beside the desire to experience the countryside more slowly.

And once you decide to walk in France you’ll do it on your own. After all, it is your vacation. Antoine Griezmann’s return to Atletico Madrid after two seasons appears to be off, as negotiations between Barcelona and Atleti broke down over a swap deal. Cette période douloureuse maintenant derrière lui, Antoine Griezmann est aujourd’hui d’attaque pour entamer cette dernière ligne droite de la saison. D’après les informations de L’Equipe, l’ancien international néerlandais (34 sélections, 8 buts) est sur le point de rejoindre pour deux ans le récent demi-finaliste de la Coupe de France. Mars va de 42 ans à 50 ans environ. Excerpted by arrangement with Bruce Lefavour. From France on Foot, by Bruce Lefavour. The pace forces the person on foot to notice not just the broad outlines but also the details: the formality and weed-free neatness of the backyard vegetable plots with leeks and carrots spaced just so, the bewildering variety of wildflowers in the fields, the eerie stillness of rural villages at midday and the newly planted field with a dead crow strung by its feet from the top of a pole as a warning to its brothers (a real scarecrow).

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